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Great party buses and limousines from Party Bus Seattle


After doing business with us on one occasion, you're going to be a believer in this statement... "A luxurious mode of transportation is sure worth the money you pay for it". There's a common misconception that a lot of people may carry with them, that it's simply too much money to rent a party bus, limousine, or other chauffeured luxury transportation. So, they simply never try. Little do they know, they’re missing out on an amazing experience that could have provided memories for a lifetime! A party bus surely isn’t as much money as you think it will be, especially when you keep the things we’re about to tell you in mind.

Prepare for a great experience, at a highly affordable rate!

In our experience in dealing with clients who have done business elsewhere in our industry, we are often told that we simply cannot be beat when it comes to getting full value for what you spend. We are a company that is built a reputation for providing the best experience in Seattle, regardless of the amount of money spent. So, when we often find ourselves being more affordable than a less reputable competitor, people often wonder if there's a catch. We're going to shoot straight from the hip here and let you know that transparency in how we do business is a great aspect of our business. Up front, you will know 100% what you are going to pay. We will even go so far as to let you know what situational costs may arise, and in our contract these bits of information are fully disclosed. We take pride in our ability to make people happy with our service, and we do everything in our power to ensure that you are fully informed and fully satisfied with every aspect of our adventure together.

Our rates are low. But, here's how to save more!

Even though we have competitive and affordable rates, there's certainly no problem with trying to save a bit more money. Well, based on how we base our pricing based on our costs and demand, we're going to give you some insider information which might help you a bit! First of all, some background... Our pricing is not fixed. It fluctuates based on our expenditures. Which means, when our costs are lowest... So are our rates. With that in mind if you can avoid our busiest times of year (think prom & wedding season), it can save you a good sum of money. Also, on a smaller scale... If you can rent during Sunday through Thursday, our costs are lowest on those days and the savings is reflected in the rates. Also, if you are able to pool everyone's funds together for the trip, uou can get the lowest price possible by splitting the cost between passengers. These two steps help you save a lot of money!

Getting your out the door quote is super easy!

All we need to know from you is where you plan on going, when you need service, and how many passengers you want to accommodate. This will allow us to give you a fast quote that’s sure to please you! Whenever you’re ready to reserve, a fantastic party bus is only a phone call away.